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Hi folks. I recently purchased a new R6 and have gleefully been playing with it to learn it's features. This morining, when I went to import images to Lightroom, the contact sheet was blank, that is, each image had a square and image seq name, but no...
Hi folks. For RF series lenses, how do you prefer to use the control ring?
Hi folks. I have a couple EF lenses I decided to use with my RP (EF16-35mm 1:4L and EF100-400mm). Is there a significant difference in performance or image quaility converting the EF lenses to RF mount? 
Hey folks! Of you that are running 2 bodies on a project, are you shooting 2 different megapixel boxes? If so, what are the advantages/pitfalls?  For example, using the higher res exclusively for longer lenses for possible cropping but less MP for sh...
I recently purchased a EOS RP so also got a couple EF-R adapters for my EF lenses. Does anyone know if the extra space between the lens and body using these adapters offers any macro advantages?  
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