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Was photographing Sand Island lighthouse in manual landscape, when I switched to portrait the LCD showed a almost browned out image. Switched to auto landscape, good image, backed to portrait, same problem image almost invisible. All photos are ok in...
Pixma MG6320, OS: Win 8.0, USB connection (fails to connect wirlessly). Error appears on computer screen "Printer not responding"
While trying to adjust the ISO in M mode using the dial, I continually end up hitting the self timer..Is there some way of locking out that feature on the Powershot 50SX?
Have a Pixima 6320 printer, Canon ink, premium glossy photo paper (Epson) . Have noticed that the ink can be scratched off easily with a finger nail or any other object. Does it need to have some protective something applied to it? Definately not som...
Need to make corrections to original setting in C1 setting ...don't remember how I set them in the first place and the manual dosn't help!!
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