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Issues with SX50 HS

I purchased a SX50 HS a few months ago. My previous camera was also a Power Shot, but a lower end model. I found it to be an excellent, versatile camera. I primarily used Auto mode, and had little or no problems with it. 


We wanted to upgrade to a higher end camera, but didn't want to mess with multiple lenses on a DSLR. I did a fair amount of research, and the SX50 got consisently positive reviews.


I am an amateur, but I am interested in photography and learning more about it. I thought this camera would allow me to still take most pictures in Auto mode with no problem and then play with settings on other modes to learn as I go. What I have found is that a large percentage of the shots I take in Auto do not turn out. If someone is moving an arm or leg, for example, it's blurry. When I am focusing (waiting for green box) and taking multiple pictures of the same shot, the look and quality of the shots vary widely.


I am at the point where I feel like 1/2 my pictures are not even useable. I am very frustrated. If Auto mode has all this built in recognition of different scene lighting, movement, etc, why do the pictures usually not turn out? I feel like I got better pictures with my lower end older camera. When I asked Canon about it, they told me to adjust the shutter speed for pictures. I am still getting used to how to even do that, so I feel like if ANYTHING in the picture is moving, I don't know how to take the shot. I tried the sport mode for a series of shots when my son was slowing jogging around the family room and they were all blurry. Every single one. 


After using the camera for Christmas, I feel like I missed so many great pictures because the shots came out blurry. At this point, I am starting to feel like I wasted $500 on this camera. 

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