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60D Multi controller button, Set button suddenly stopped working


Hi All,


 I was hoping someone could help direct me to the proper area if I'm not already in the right area to get info on  several problems that just started with my Canon 60D.


 I have a 60D, and the multi controller dial on the back started to not work sparatically, then the "Set" button was not working at times as well. Then the next day, I grabbed the battery, put it in camera  and the camera battery was DEAD, and that was after a full charge the night before ( only charge battery until it shows green and a full charge). (side note- I fully charge battery, then install and use it until it is near dead and then recharge, however per the instructions, I have always taken the battery out of the camera when I am not using the camera. 


  Anyway, once I recharged it, I then found the multi controller button had stopped working, then a few mins later the set button stopped working. I am so confused and very upset. I take such great care of the battery and the camera and I am puzzled why. So, later that day, the battery was dead again. This camara has worked flawlessly since I got it, but all of the sudden this is happening, how and why?? Anyone ever hear of this type of thing?


 Related, or possibly not related: ALL of thes things start the very same day I connected my newly purchased 430EXII flash, which I tried first on the camaera. I also used a newly purchased Pocketwizard Mini TT1 on the camera, and the flash then connected to the Pocket wizard Flex 5, which was on a stand. I followed all the instructions in the manuals for the Canon 430 EX II flash and the pocketwizards. Could any of this be related???? What could I have done wrong??


I called Canon, they tried to do what I think was a reboot of camera, and it didn't work. Also tried to do a firmware update, however I couldn't get it to run because the Set button doesn't work. They want me to send it in, and then they will give me a price. 


 I am not at all crazy about being charged for anything for a camera that is babied by rule following owner and a camara that has been flawless.


 Something is wrong and I don't see how or why so quick, Any help, insight, direction????? This is NOT at all something expect from a 1k body (when I got it, out of warranty, just about 2 yrs old)




Who Me Too'd this topic