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Hi there.


I am a teacher and practitioner within the film-industry.

I recently did the sound on a production filmed with the C500, and was shocked to conclude that the camera was unable to film sound & picture in sync...

Fairly expensive camera as well, and knowing a thing or two about digital technology; well, it should be fairly easy to implement a meta-data timestamp in both video and audio dataflow once a sec, not?

Many of my students are shooting on 5D, 7D etc, recording sound separately on some format or another, and then usually use Plural Eyes to sync the audio.

But what if the "source audio" recorded on the cam is out of sync?

So; my questions are:
What is the reasoning behind not implementing synchronity between video & audio?
And; since this should be a fairly simple soft-ware upgrade, any plans for doing it?

Best regards



Who Me Too'd this topic