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70d Automatic 19 Point Selection? Not so much

Generally love my new 70d however I am finding one problem with focus settings.  I have spent time with tech support and they confimed it is designed this way so unfortunately there is no fix unless they update firmware.  They state they have forwarded to appropriate tech people and hopefully a fix is forthcoming  Here is the problem in a nutshell, regardless of what combination of autofocus modes you are in, the ability to select no focus point so that it truly is completely automatic is not available in all modes on the 70d.


Specifically, when in 1)  AI servo Mode (for sports photography) and 2)  putting the camera into automatic 19 point AF point selection, there is no option to have no focus point selected.  This means that in those modes you must have one point selected.  The camera will start there and then if it sees movement choose other points as necessary.  The problem is that if your actual subjects stop moving and are not covered by the focus point it will not properly focus.  This happens particularly if you have two subjects nearby but separated. Most users will have the center point selected and if the two subjects are separated and you frame the shot and the center point over the distant background the camera will not focus on the subjects.


The situation where this keeps occurring for me is sports, right now kids soccer games.  I want the camera in AI Servo mode, but if the action slows down or stops and I want to get a shot of two players near each other, when I frame the shot, if the mandatory selected point doesn't fall on one of them it won't be in focus.


Canon said all I need to do is manually select another focus point, which is true, but it  takes time to do so and sometimes that time is the difference between getting and missing the shot.  It is easily curable by having the ability to select NO focus point in the Automatic 19 point selection when in AI Servo (and the other two modes too AI Focus and One Shot)  so that the camera will naturally select the subjects in the foreground which you want to focus on, with no adjustments necessary.


As I told them in my Email my Old Rebel XTi with its 9 point AF had the ability to select a focus point in any mode, and just as importantly,to  select no focus point.  That ability needs to be put into the 70d.  I am not saying that the only option be to have no focus point preselected (there are uses for that set up as well)   but the ability to select no focus point should also be available.  Without that option, the Automatic 19 point focus in many situations will fail if the subject(s) is/are  temporarily stationary and the mandatory focus point does not fall on a subject of the photo.
I'm frankly stunned that my new Prosumer model lacks this capability.
I understand that there is a work around, but workarounds require the user to take additional steps and which require time and when time is of the essence that leads to missed shots which is far from an ideal situation.

If you, like be find this to be an annoyance, please Email customer support and express yourself.  The more people who want this feature added, the more likely it is to occur in a firmware update.




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