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Pixma MP495


I have a Canon Pixma MP495 and until recently it printed wirelessley no problem at all, however since having a new router[BT Hub3-5MCW] it won't connect at all so the only way I can print or scan is via the USB cable whch isn't very convenient. I've tried uninstall, reinstall but that hasn't helped at all, although it  does recognize the new hub, it just won't connect to it for printing etc. Can anyone help please?



Update: I've just uninstalled and am now trying to re-install, however, when I get to the part where I plug in the LAN cable to detect  the printer on the network it finds the access point but not the printer, and then I get the find IP address message, over and over and over again.It's driving me nuts!!! Don't think I'll buy another Canon product ever...just too frustrating.



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