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EOS Utility - no download option for Mac OS 14 on the R6 mark II support page


Hi.  I recently got my R6 mark II and my new Macbook Pro running OS 14.  I went to the R6 mark II support page and it asked what version of Mac OS I am running - I selected v14 and I was given no options for downloading OES Utility (any version).  I changed the OS to 13 and it then gave several versions of OES Utility.  I downloaded the most recent version (3.17) and installed.  I then connect the R6 to my computer wifi (connect to EOS Utility in menu > add a device to connect to > on mac wifi connect to the EOS network on camera > put in password on mac > everything seems connected > camera says to open EOS Utility)  However, when I open EOS Utility it gives the window with the three options (download images to computer, Remote Shooting, Camera Settings) but all options are grey and cant be clicked on.  The only options in the window that can be clicked on are the update icon at bottom, and the Preferences and Quit buttons at the bottom of window.   I read somewhere that the new EOS version 3.17 may be the issue, so I uninstalled, and then downloaded 3.16 and redid the process with the exact same result.   

As the option to download EOS Utility wasn't given when I had selected OS 14, does that mean that there is not a version of EOS Utility that works on OS 14?   For sport team shoots, having the images popping up on the macbook pro for the athletes to see in real time is a big deal, and I know I "can use a physical cable" but that is not ideal with the area I need to move around in for the different athlete and team shots.  Any help would be so very appreciated!

Who Me Too'd this topic