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EOS R7 1.3.1 Firmware issues after update, camera freezing and buffer slower


Hello everyone, after I made the update to firmware 1.3.1 my R7 lets me down a lot now. Before with 1.2 was all flawless but now every marathon i work my camera freezes like 5-10 times in a morning... and I have to remove the battery. It says: "saving images in memory card with a number on it, usualy 3"and the focus points light up and freeze . Only stop if I remove the battery the camera even doesnt turn off. 

I m used to take a lot of pictures in same day like 30000 or more sometimes. The error 70 message that was supposed to be fixed in this new firmware still appears sometimes and I have to do the same procedure, remove battery put again. And even now I m having some buffer slower readouts... Sometimes I have to wait for it to save the pictures in the card even using JPG Small Low Q setting with all camera adjustments off...

I miss my R7 with the 1.2 firmware that was perfect, but it dont let you downgrade from 1.3.1 to 1.2 (only with a trick that I dont want to risk doing it). 

Please Canon I hope this get fixed with the new firmwares... anyone having problems with 1.3.1 Firmware on the R7?

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