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MAXIFY GX3020 Set Main Tray as Default Paper Source, Permanently


This is probably one of the most frustrating printers I've owned... and I can't return it. It prints great, but THE PRINTER decides which paper source to use. How can I permanently set the default paper source to the main tray? There has to be a way to set this on the printer itself.

My family prints from a Mac Desktop, Windows PCs, Android devices and an iPhone. With our last printer, 99% of the time used the main tray, and it would always print using the main tray. It even printed photos from the main tray. This printer ALWAYS wants to print from the rear tray. We have the printer in a cabinet, so we never have paper ready to go in the rear tray. We tried to print a PDF label from the iPhone the other night and, even though we set the print settings, on the phone, to print using the main tray, the printer kept trying to print from the rear tray. It always seems to do that with PDFs, from any device.

I've chatted with Canon support and the guy told me to print things using the Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app. That is VERY impractical and not a "real life" solution. My family is asking me to get rid of this printer and get a new one. There must be a solution for this. I've checked the settings on the printer itself, as well as logging in to the printer web UI.

I want this printer to ALWAYS print from the main tray. Then, on the rare occasion we need to print photos, I will use the rear tray. Please help me save this printer from my family.

Who Me Too'd this topic