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MAXIFY MB5120 macOS Ventura 13.2 ICA driver not working


I have a MB5120, the scanner driver misd-mac-ijscanner16s-5_0_0-ea21_3.dmg , albeit temperamental, used to work under Ventura 13.0. After the update to Ventura 13.2 the scanner doesn't work, both the canon software and the apple scanner software seem unable to communicate with scanner.

I have the same problem on multiple Mac (although they are all on Ventura 13.2, thus I cannot test on a previous version or Monterey), thus I know that it is unrelated to the specific laptop.

Printing works properly.

(please, do not suggest reboot computer, delete and re-add printer, delete all printers, reinstall driver for printer or scanner driver, use Bonjour Multifunction vs  use Canon IJ Network - done all that) 

Who Me Too'd this topic