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Canon MF733CDW email to Print Issue



I setup my printer for "email to print" so I can email a PDF or DOC file to the printer and have it printed. I setup the POP and SMTP accounts properly and created a special printer email address on my email server, and verified that I can Scan and send to an external email. However when I send a PDF to the printer via the printer email address, the email and PDF is received - I can see it in the Rx Job Log of the web UI - but it does not print and shows an Error Code #818 which is:  "The received data is not in a printable file format". According to the "remedy" for this I am supposed to "Ask the sender to change the file format and resend the data".  This does not make sense since it is a PDF which is an acceptable format. I verified that the PDF is not corrupted and also sent a PDF as an attachment from several different email accounts, all with the same error.

Help Please!!!  I need this to work and can't find any answers on the web. Has anyone got this to work?




Who Me Too'd this topic