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image CLASS MF249dw in operation for 4 yrs. - new issue - prints but doesn't scan


have an image CLASS MF249dw that is about 4 years old. I am running windows 10 and connected by USB.

Until recently, I had no issues with scanning. Recently I got an error when attempting to scan from the printer.

When using the latest version of MF Scan utility, I get a Scan Gear dialog box "Cannot communicate with the scanner, the cable may be disconnected, or the scanner may be turned off. Check the scanner status and try again. Scanner driver will be terminated. Code: 155,0,0"

I have gone through the process of downloading the latest Canon drivers and before attempting to install I completely delete/uninstall all the Canon drivers, restart the computer, and then do a fresh install of the latest drivers/software.

Any legitimate help/suggestions are appreciated

Who Me Too'd this topic