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IJ Scan Utility Lite unable to connect to G7020 in macOS Ventura 13.0


After upgrading the macOS operating system on my MacBook Pro to version Ventura 13.0, Canon IJ Scan Utility Lite is no longer able to communicate with my G7020 All-in-One printer.  I can still print to the G7020 just fine.  Moreover, the macOS operating system's own built-in scanning software is able to communicate with the G7020 and scan documents!  But Canon's own scanning software cannot.

I noticed in the "Camera Software" area of this community message board system that several people have posted similar messages indicating that their Canon EOS Utility software is no longer able to connect to their Canon cameras after they upgraded their macOS operating system to version Ventura 13.0.

It seems reasonable to conclude that multiple Canon application programs do not work in the new Apple macOS Ventura 13.0 release.

Can Canon issue software updates soon for these?

Who Me Too'd this topic