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G6020 photos print with blue tint


Bought the Pixma g6020 mega tank all in one printer a few years ago, and loved it. Best printer I ever had. I print often and usually in color, onto all different media types, such as paper, glossy and matte photo paper, printable vellum, printable glitter paper, printable transparencies, cardstock, etc. 

About 5 months ago, I refilled the ink tanks. All three colors and black. Used Canon inkjet refill ink. Maybe a month or so after that, every photo I print comes out with a blue tint. I have done multiple nozzle checks, multiple cleanings, multiple deep cleanings, 2 ink flushes, head alignments, and no improvements. The only way I can get the photo to print even halfway close to the image displayed on the screen of my laptop or phone, is to manually adjust the color management:

Cyan: -20 

Magenta: 20

Yellow: 0

Brightness: Normal

Intensity: 10

Contrast: 0

This gets the picture close but it still looks a bit faded or white washed. Any suggestions?

Who Me Too'd this topic