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Canon EOS RP display blacks out when flipped


Weird thing happened today during an outdoor portrait shoot with a friend:

I was going through my menu options on the display and it showed a blank screen. Naturally, I thought my battery died, but after switching out the battery, it was still blacked out. I noticed that the camera was still working because I can review photos and change menu settings through the EVF. And when I open the display screen, it works... until I flip it or close the screen with the display facing me. Whenever the display is inverted for viewing on the rear of the camera, the screen just blacks out.

Am I screwed?? I tried going through my menu and display options to see if I forked up somewhere, but I don't think I messed with any of my settings! What's even stranger is that the touchscreen still works when I hold the camera up to my face and use the screen to move my autofocus point. It just doesn't display anything.

Who Me Too'd this topic