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New site not working?


I can NEVER get the USA shop link to open on my iPhone in Safari. I end up having to go through social media and having the link directed into safari. Now today I try to do it that way and the store site has been updated and looks totally different. When I log in it says my account isn’t associated with that store but after I click around I can get into my profile but when I go to find my orders it seems to be logged back out and says to use another account.

anyone else having this problem? I preordered a lens on here and adorama to see which was the fastest and got a charge already even tho the date on the item says it won’t be in stock until the 23rd so I didn’t think about checking either store 5 days early. Now of course I need to cancel my order with canon so I don’t get the lens from both stores but I can’t use the store site to do anything useful. 

Who Me Too'd this topic