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Canon Vixia GX10 failure (power on, no picture, no menu)


Hi Canon community - 

I'm assuming this 4K camcorder needs service, if it's fixable at all - backlight; but no picture/no menu/unresponsive.  But I thought I'd ask if there was something I can try at home.  No misuse; the unit was in the same stationary position it's been in for months.


  1. If I unplug and replug it then go into playback (media) mode, it's fine; displays settings, plays back media etc.
  2. If I then switch it to camera mode - OR, if I start it in camera mode:
    There is a short buzz sound, the picture goes black, and it will no longer function, even set back to playback mode.

Other info:

  • 4 years old; but very light use.   Every now and then used for a few hours from a stationary position, with no operator.
  • Before this, I turned it off (plugged in) and noticed a couple days later that it was displaying something like  "do not turn off, update in progress" (I think - makes no sense, it's not connected to a network to get an update).  After awhile I turned if off anyway (message stayed on), unplugged it; only to return to the camera mode being unresponsive.



Who Me Too'd this topic