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Canon G6020 - Error code 495a


My printer displays error code 495a. This is frustrating because when this error is displayed, the LCD menu system on the printer is disabled. None of the buttons do anything anymore, so I can't access the system menu to change wifi settings. The only button that does anything is the power button. When I turn it off and back on again, the message appears within 3 seconds and after that all functions are disabled.

I have made the following attempts to fix it (based on other posts I have seen on this topic)

- turning the printer off, unplugging power for 30 seconds, then replugging it back in and turning it back on

- rebooting my PC

- uninstalling and reinstalling my printer driver and going through the printer setup process

I am out of ideas and I am hoping that Canon support can help as it seems that this printer is headed for the landfill after only 18 months.

Who Me Too'd this topic