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Recommendations for Printer That Can Handle 11" x 17" photo paper


Greetings, all,

My name is Bill and I'm darn pleased to be here.

I'm searching for an affordable photo printer that supports 11" x 17" photo paper. Most paper of this size exceeds the 22# recommended weight set by printer manufacturers of lower-end printers. The Canon TS9521C manual claims it supports 11" x 17" plain paper but of course, the caveat mentioned above exists. My most recent experience with a popular brand printer - which shall not be named here - has been quite frustrating, but long and vigorous discussions with the manufacturer have returned me to ground zero so it's time to begin again.

If you've any experience with something of this nature, I'd appreciate any recommendations, input, suggestions, or meaningful insights you may have.


Bill Kiefer


Who Me Too'd this topic