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Failure to connect to wireless network with Pixma MG5720 printer.


Replaced my wireless router from Century Link to T-Mobile 5G.  When I go through the steps of setting up new wireless router (Wireless LAN setup), my Pixma MG5720 recognizes the name of the new router but does not connect.  It also does not ask me to enter my new passcode for the wi-fi router.  This is odd because when I scroll down to another router name (I'm guessing this router is recognizing some of my neighbors router names because of the strong wi-fi signal), I hit the "OK" button and it asks for the passcode.  Why does it ask for the passcode for my neighbors wi-fi and not mine?  I just got to make it past this step to gain wifi access for my printer.

All my other wifi devices have connected to the new T-Mobile router...why can't my printer?

Thanks for any help that can be provided.

Who Me Too'd this topic