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6d connects to wifi home network, but unable to see printer


I recently purchased the Canon EOS 6D, and was able to get the wifi connection established to my iphone without issue. So now I moved on to getting it setup for wireless printing, and I seem to be having issues.


I have been going through the wifi printer setup, and through this I am able to get the 6D connected to my home network, but it gets stuck on the screen where it says to verify that the printer is connected to the same access point. The printer thats on my home network is an HP 6520, and I can print from my laptop over wifi, and also from my iphone over wifi as well.


Troubleshooting wise, I have turned off the printer, and let it reconnect to the network while the 6D was searching for it. I have removed/readded the printer to my network. I reset it, and reconnected it from scratch. Still no success. I have even tested creating an Ad-hoc network, directly between the two, and this also was unsuccessful. Odd thing though, the printer accepted the connection, but the camera did not.  I even took a look into my router, and verified no IP conflict, and added an even did the manual IP setup option, and still nothing.


Any clue on this? Is the issue that its not a Canon printer? Could it be my router(apple)? Any ideas?

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