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My printers will not print and they automatically enter pause mode. Why and how do I fix it?


All of a sudden a couple of days ago, my laptop wasn't connecting with my printers.  That usually means the software has been updated and needs to be reinstalled.

My printers (ImageClass MF 269 dw & ImageClass MF 634 cdw) are not printing and they keep automatically being paused.  I checked and it says that the laptop has made a connection and will start printing, but then it automatically pauses on its own.  I've completed the below actions and I'm still having this problem.

I need to know why this is happening and how to fix it definitively.  I'm on hold with Canon on the phone and the wait time is over an hour!!!

1 - I restarted my WiFi router a couple of days ago.

2 - I downloaded and installed the updated software for both of my printers.

3 - I have turned them on and off repeatedly.

4 - I checked that the IPV4 Network address matches between my laptop and the printers.

5 - I downloaded and installed the most recent MAC OS software.


Who Me Too'd this topic