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Printer died. Can I return it to Canon for recycling?


I have a 6-year old Pixma MG7720 that works perfectly, except that the printer recently started insisting that "the type of print head is incorrect" (Support Code 1403), which seems unlikely since its print head worked great for 6 years. I've tried all the repair measures suggested in this community forum, but the few that worked only fixed the problem for a few weeks, and now none of them work any more. Sigh.

How do I return the printer to Canon? (I'll pay for the shipping.)

PS I'm one of these people who think that the only sustainable way to recycle a complex product is to return it to the manufacturer for dismantling and responsible reuse/recycling. All the other approaches risk exporting it as electronic junk to be melted down in some country that doesn't have (or enforce) laws for managing the toxic results.

Who Me Too'd this topic