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Compatible Printers with CLI-251XL and PGI-250XL Cartridges (Had Canon MX922 and have tons of ink)


I have bought the MX922 a couple times in a row new, I even bought a used one, they all 3 have died with different error messages, and I have a ton of ink.  I'm trying to find a more reliable printer that won't break as often, has cheap ink, but wanted to find out if there are still no printers in your line-up that are compatible with the MX922's ink cartridges, since I already have a ton.  In early 2021, it said there were none in your current lineup but wanted to see if that is still the same.  Do you have any compatible printers that use MX922's ink cartridges CLI-251XL PGI-255XL and PGI-250XL?

If not, what are some inexpensive printers (up to approx. $200) that have the print, scan, fax abilities and have cheap ink in your current line-up?  We are a low income family so we are looking most for long-term reliability and low cost for ink.

Who Me Too'd this topic