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I wanted to update some information here I found out from Canon.  This may have solve this perplexing issue.  I never heard back from Canon on this issue.  After rattling the cage repeatedly with Customer Support, I finally got a Level III (I didn't know there was such a level!) Tech Support person who called me.  Nice guy.  He understood the problem and offered to "figure it out" as the manual (neither RC-6 or any camera manual) says nothing.  He then got back to me the next day offered this simple solution:

 Be sure the camera is set to "AF One Shot" not "Servo AF." Simple.  So far, it seemed to work. Nowhere does Canon offer that short but critical piece of information.  Much thanks to the Level III technician for figuring it out. Makes sense.  A lot of time, effort and frustration wasted due to lack of a simple instruction from Canon. Again, thanks to the technician. (Even he noted "it should be in the instructions!")

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Who Me Too'd this solution