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I finally got this issue to work tonight and thought I'd post it for all others that are experiencing the same.

1- If you are using GMail, you have to setup an 'App Password' for your Canon to work.

2- Go to and click on your picture (upper right hand corner) and select 'Manage Your Google Account'.

3- Click on 'Security on the left hand side'.

4- Scroll down to section that says 'Signing in to Google'.

5- Make sure '2-Step Verification' is setup.  If it is not, add 2-step verification now.

6- Click on 'App Passwords' to setup a password for your Canon.  You may have to sign into your Google account again.

7- Under the 'Select App' down arrow, select 'Other (custom)'

8- Enter a name for your Cannon.  I put my model number in the field: MF644Cdw

9- Select the 'Generate' button.  This will generate a password.  Copy/Paste this password or write it down.

10- Find your Cannon's IP Address.  I selected 'Status Monitor' on my Cannon; then selected 'Network Information'; then selected 'IPv4'; take down the numbers listed under 'IP Address'.

11- Open up Chrome and enter the IP Address from step 10.

12- Select 'System Manager Mode' option and select 'Log In'.  If you have setup a 'System Manager ID' and 'System Manager PIN', enter that information and then select 'Log In'.

13- Select 'Settings/Registration' button on the right hand side.

14- Select 'TX Settings' on the left hand side.

15- Select 'E-mail/I-Fax Settings'.

16- Select 'Edit' button on the upper right hand side.

17- SMTP server =

18- Email Address = [enter your email address]

19- Check mark 'Use SMTP Authentication (SMTP AUTH)'

20- User Name = [enter your email address]

21- Check mark 'Set/Change Password'

22- Password = [enter the password generated from step 9 above]

23- Check mark 'Use TLS for SMTP'

24- Check mark 'Verify Certificate'

25- Check mark 'Add CN to Verification Items'

26- Check mark 'Use TLS for POP'

27- Check mark 'Verify Certificate'

28- Check mark 'Add CN to Verification Items'

29- Scroll up to the top of the page and select the 'OK' button to save these settings.

30- Select 'Network Settings' on left hand side.

31- Select 'Port Number Settings'

32- Select 'Edit' button in upper right hand side. 

33- Change 'SMTP' field to = 465

34- Scroll up to the top of the page and select the 'OK' button to save these settings.

35- Select 'To Portal' link in the upper right hand corner.

36- Select 'Address Book' button on right hand side.

37- Click on '01' link and select 'Edit' button.  Add your email as the first email address.

38- SCroll up to the top of the page and select the 'OK' button to save these settings.

39- Go to your Cannon and test the Scan to Email function.

40- Check email to see if you received the email.  If you didn't get email, check 'Status Monitor/Cancel' button under the 'TX Job Log' section for Error Code specifics.

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Who Me Too'd this solution