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PIXMA MX410 5B00 Error


I cleaned my own ink absorber pads myself (not easy since they don't build the ink pads to be very accesible) a few months ago and the printer has been working fine but now it's giving me the EB00 error. I've tried every solution including unplugging it for 24 hours, putting it in maintenance mode, trying to reset ink "counter," etc. All of the reset solutions don't seem to match my printer model because they talk about a green light and I have a blue light.  Nothing is working. Is this Canon forcing me to get a new printer just because of an ink counter? I don't live in a city with lots of repair options. The only solution I have not tried is to download a reset file but I don't even know if I have a cable to connect computer to printer and not sure I trust downloading a file from unknown source.

Pixma MX410


Who Me Too'd this topic