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Error 2500 present during attempted head alignment


I recently printed an image and there was a single pass the width of the print head which contained a few faint lines. This was the first time my printer (less than a year old with light use) presented this issue.


I ran a nozzle check and the results were perfect - no issues. I proceeded to attempt a head-alignment using the Auto option. I completed the paper size and type correctly. After printing a partial pass of the color swatches, the process failed and error 2500 message appeared. Possible reasons per manual are clogged nozzles, wrong paper size/type, or too bright lights hitting the output tray. I attempted the process again with the same results.


I then attempted to run a Manual head-alignment and got the same result - failure and error 2500. The lighting in the room was not overly bright.


I reprinted the image and the result was perfect - no defects. 


Are there other reasons, situations that can trigger error 2500? 

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