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Now they sent me these instructions. I did everything and it worked!!! After almost a year, I am able to connect to my camera vie WiFi!!! Heart


Please ensure none of the Canon application is running in the back ground, go in to your Windows Task Manager (press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, then click on More Details) and End Task on any Canon application including Canon EOS Utility & Canon DPP, now right click on the Windows Flag icon on the bottom left on your PC, click on RUN, then type ‘%localappdata%’ is in the dialogue box, on the new window, please click on Canon_Inc_IC folder and delete all the folders inside of that folder.

1. Type %localappdata% into the ‘RUN’ box then.  This will open file explorer at the local folder, C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local.
2. Open the sub folder "CANON_INC".
3. Delete all the folders inside “CANON_INC”.

Once the above is performed, please restart your PC and try installing Canon EOS Utility from Canon support website.

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Who Me Too'd this solution