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Error 1851 on Canon Pixma Pro 1

Dear colleagues,
After some (around 6) months of inactivity, I had to put back on service a Canon Pixma Pro 1 that until the day I used was working perfectly, and it worked for 8 years without any issue.
When turned on I noticed immediately the yellow light blinking..
I decided to send a test print, but as soon as the test print is listed on the printing queue, I get the error 1851: Inner Cover is open.
Of course the inner cover of the CD tray is not open, and I didn't find any way to let the printer recognize the cover closed. (reset, disconnecting to power supply, open and close of the cover hundreds of times, ..)
Online it seems nobody had this issue.
Please, do you have any idea on how to fix? Is there anything I can do to bypass or solve the issue?
Thank you
Who Me Too'd this topic