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Depth Compositing using DPP4 - tool won't recognize selected images


I have used the focus bracketing feature on my EOS M6 Mark ii with 18-150 mm lens to generate a "stack" of 45 jpeg images of the same subject.  I have downloaded these images from my camera into DPP4.  The images look good and the focus stacking seems right when I preview them. According to the DPP4 manual, my camera and lens are supported for the depth compositing function.


First I "select" these images - by clicking on the first one, then holding down the shift key and clicking on the last one, so all the images are highlighted.  


Then I use the Tools drop down menu to select the Depth Compositing Tool.  When I select the DC tool, I receive an error message telling me that I haven't selected any images. Repeated tries at this process have yielded the same result.


Is there something else I have to do to "select" these images so the DC tool will recognize them?  

Who Me Too'd this topic