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Canon T6 battery not charging...charger issue or battery?


A couple of days ago my canon T6 battery didn't charge all night, the light on the charger kept blinking orange. 
I put it in the camera to verify it didn't charge a bit. I tried unplugging it, replugging and waiting for 10 seconds, everything the manual said to do when the battery doesn't charge. I have 1 bar left when I put it into my camera so it isn't completely dead, just won't charge. 
I used my friends battery for his T6 and it also kept blinking orange so I rinsed and repeated all of the other steps. I went ahead and bought a new battery when I thought mine was dead but now I'm wondering if it is just an issue with the charger and not the battery. Is there even a way to tell? I feel like I'm running in circles to fix this issue. 
I got my camera in 2019 and use it very often, multiple times a week and charge often as well.

I am completely lost and confused and really want the dang battery to work so I can take photos again, anyone have any advice?

Who Me Too'd this topic