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Canon pixma 9000 pro started printing faint 1cm lines in prints, have a picture on flickr

Think I posted it in the wrong group to start with (personal printers) I believe it should be here (professional photo printers)


I am new and did look but couldn't find anything to explain my problem, if I missed it I apologize. 


Photo taken off a print (mine)

Noticed banding on the print lines are about 1cm thickness.

Printer just started doing this the last picture same paper and settings was fine so I am confused why its doing it.

Canon Pixma 9000 pro

system dell precision 690 dual Xeons X5355 (8 core)
32GB workstation ram
Graphics card - Nvidia 4800
5x 2TB WD Barracudas

paper used - textured art (print setting rag roll front loading)



Thank you





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