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Pixma 8720 Not Connecting to Internet!


Hello everyone!


I've been struggling with this all day. I just bought the Pixma 8720, I don't have a disk Drive on my mac to download the software so I went online to get the Driver and Software. 


Followed the instructions and I'm stuck.  I went and bought a USB cable so it's now officially hardwired and works fine, But I can't get it to connect wirelessly.  Everytime I go to setup I'll run through the installation no issue. I get the "setup disk" on my desktop  I'll get the prompts then when it goes to look for the printer on wifi it glitches out and nothing else will pop up on my screen 


I'm currently running Big Sur 11.4 on my Mac is this the issue? Is there a way to connect it wirelessly through a wired connection. I've tried to find youtube videos or anything to help me.  Any information would be so helpful. Thank you so much in advance. 

Who Me Too'd this topic