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Camera functions not responding fixed


My EOS R5 lost several functions today including loss of all menus for camera settings and playback, loss of mode functions, loss of auto focus, loss of metering, no shutter operation. I was able to take pictures in manual focus mode but could not review them in camera. Contacted support on the phone but because I could not access any menus, we could not reset camera or update firmware. Attempted to reset camera by removing battery, turning on camera and pressing shutter button several times. Also, connecting to computer and using EOS utility showed the camera was "busy." Phone support prognosis was to send camera in for repair.


After leaving camera for several hours with no battery, I was able to change the mode and updated firmware using EOS Utility (Mode previously stuck in Tv and could not be changed). Now all camera functions have returned to normal.


NOTE: I had just installed a new SD card 64 GB, 150 MB/s before this problem occured. New firmware 1.3.0 is supposed to fix cameras not operating properly with certain SD cards. It's interesting that the camera continued acting poorly even when I removed the card when I was troubleshooting. In any event, I have posted this for information purposes only. The camera is now functioning normally after setting for several hrs and updating firmware.

Who Me Too'd this topic