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Photo print problem, image preview cutted in half



I have strange problem with canon pixma g2420. It was printing everything after first instalation, but on the next day it started to have problem with printing images. It looks like this:

 - Printing images from pdf, word etc is fine doesnt matter if there are full page or smaller

 - Printing images from paint is fine i can even setup to print borderless photos


 - Printing photos when i click right mouse button on it and choose print then problems start. I cant print from canon easy photo print application too. Images printed this way looks like on this screen below, doesnt matter if i they high resolution photos or small files.


The problem is not with printer itself (i have tried every cleaning option that is possible from canon application) but it happens something in OS or some problem with drivers (you can see problem already in the canon print preview). I have installed printer on the second computer and first time it was printing everything fine but next day same thing happened on the second computer.

I was trying this steps to repair this problem:

 - Uninstall and install drivers, canon applications

 - Clean printer spool/buffer

 - Unninstall latest windows update - sugested from canon technical support


Unfortunately i cant setup printing photos from paint settings as i could do this from canon easyphoto print or windows dialog, so as you can see this is very problematic. If there is free software i could use to print photos with all these settings, maybe i would leave this problem but right now i dont know what software i could use.



Who Me Too'd this topic