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Webcam Utility Driver high CPU usage


I've recently noticed 'Windows Camera Frame Server' is using around 10% CPU when the EOS Webcam Utility driver is in use, but no feed is coming from the camera (it is on standby for example). When the feed is received the usage drops down to more acceptable numbers. 


This becomes an issue when running the camera through OBS whilst streaming for example when changing scenes sometimes the camera becomes inactive resulting in a spike in CPU usage, hindering performance of other tasks that are requiring the CPU. 


Seems to only be an issue with the EOS Webcam Utility as when I use any of my other webcam sources I am not experiencing this. I have tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling but the issue is still persistent. 


I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this and/or if this bug can be reported to Canon?


Further, I previous had installed the beta version of this driver and note there are some files in my system32, drivers and driverstore folders dated back to October (2020). I note the latest version of the driver was released November so am wondering if these older files could be causing a conflict? I've tried deleting but cannot. 

Who Me Too'd this topic