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Canon Legria HF-G25 Output Resolution 720 x 576 on HD Display

I'm wondering if someone can help me with an odd problem I'm having. I bought a 2nd hand Canon Legria HF-G25 a few months ago & for the price the camera is doing a great job. It's mainly used for live streaming services, so the HDMI output is very important. It's also used for occasional recordings.
I mainly use it with a Black Magic Atem Mini switcher with some GoPro Hero 5 action cams. When I use it with this switcher, the output resolution is correct at 1920 x 1080 & I have no problems with it. I tried using it with another video capture card - the Razer Ripsaw HD & then the camera changes the resolution to 720 x 576. I made sure all the settings are correct, but this happens automatically when the video capture card is connected. I also connected the camcorder to a HD CRT monitor & the same thing happens. It only sends 1080p when I use it with the Black Magic Atem Mini.
Does anybody know what the reason for this might be? Occasionally I just want to use the camcorder for recording & use the HDMI output for reference on a bigger monitor. Any assistance will be appreciated!
Who Me Too'd this topic