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Printing from Chromebook to MX920 on January 1, 2021
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I have an issue that I see referenced here and there on the Community Forums and in my Google searches.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to determine a Canon supported solution or a workaround. 


I use Google Cloud Print Services to print from my Chromebook running standard ChromeOS to my MX920 printer.  The Google Cloud Print Service is end of life in December of 2020.  


There doesn't seem to be a supported way from Canon to print directly from my Chromebook to my printer.  I tried a few different things, including downloading Canon Print Service to my Chromebook like I did on my phone, but no luck - Not supported.  I tried mapping directly to my printer, but print drivers are non-existent.  


So, I ask the following to this Comminuty Forum, maybe hopping someone from Canon support reads it to answer this question, officially.... (I ask here because I truly cannot find another way to write to the company).


Does anyone know if Canon will be providing an update to their print service app or ChromeOS drivers so I can print from my Chromebook to my MX920 on January 1, 2021, or do I need to buy a new printer?..  Which will most likely be a non-Canon device because, in my opinion, to be one month out on connectivty between two devices that have a huge adoption level around the world for a company like Canon seems like silliness.  I mean, I have a Chromebook and a Canon printers.  How can these no easily work together?!?!  


Maybe I'm missing something.  Would like for any input from the community.  Thanks all!

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