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Print Studio Pro and Adobe Photoshop 2021


Adobe pushed Photoshop Creative Cloud v2021 on 22 October 2020.  It did not copy over all plug-ins such as Print Studio Pro.  I re-downloaded Print Studio Pro version 2.2.3 from the Canon Support website just now.


I cannot install the Print Studio Pro plug-in in Photoshop 2021.


I followed the support article, including the ReadMe file.  I ran the Print Studio Pro plug-in installer and received the error message "A version of Adobe Photoshop supported by Print Studio Pro is not installed." 


The same error message contains the text "You can also specify a folder and install a plug-in.  Click Next."


So, I click Next and install Print Studio Pro in the same folder as it resided on Photoshop Creative Cloud version 2020.  Yet when I start Photoshop 2021 and open an image, Print Studio Pro does not appear in the File -> Automate menu as it did in Adobe CC 2020.


Has anyone else encountered this?  What is the fix?  Canon has a new software product called Professional Print & Layout v 1.2.1 released 16th October 2020.  Perhaps this is a replacement to Print Studio Pro and is designed to work with Photoshop 2021?





Who Me Too'd this topic