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Canon PRO 100 Colors Less Vibrant




I recently upgraded my Mac to a 2020 Macbook pro (macOS Catalina) from a mid 2009 Macbook Pro (OS X El Capitan). Unfortunately, when going to print the exact same file with the same printer settings, the prints are all darker and less vibrant. I just pulled out my old computer to print the same file from both computers to make sure it wasn't something weird happening with the printer or the ink, but the photo when printed from my old computer printed perfectly. The only difference I can see is that the printer is using driver version 16.20.00 on my old computer and driver version 16.41.00 on the new computer. However, I installed 16.20.00 on my new computer, but the print still printed dark/less vibrant. I'm printing on a glossy, sticker paper directly from Preview with the following settings:

Color matching: ColorSync Profile: Canon PRO-100 <PTN> 1/2 Photo Paper Pro Platinum N

Quality & Media: Media Type: Photo Paper Plus Glossy II

Print Quality: Fine (slider all the way to the right)


Like I said, both computers have the same settings, but the print from the new computer doesn't look like the print from the old computer. I've attached a picture I took of both prints. The top print is from the old computer and the bottom print is from the new computer.




Does anyone have any idea what is happening?



Who Me Too'd this topic