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My ImageClass MF743Cdw is printed ghosted pictures, when they are in color


The best way I can describe my problem is that my ImageClass MF743Cdw is printing as though it's jets are misaligned (YES I know it has toner and does not have jets). However, when printing or copying anything in color my image ends up with multiple shadows, echoes, or ghosts of everything.


It is making my paperrwork blurry and incredibly hard to read. 


I have tried cleaning the rollers and the feeder. I tried the autocorrect color mismatch tool as well. I know it is not a corrupted file coming from my computer, as the missprinting happens when I use the copy function of the printer itself. I did however, uninstall and reinstall all drivers on my computer (just in case).


I also replaced all the toner cartridiges. 


I am completely stumped.

Who Me Too'd this topic