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R5 AF Settings & Understanding?

I have some questions about AF on the R5 (which I’m loving!). I am coming from a 5DIII, and this is my first mirrorless, so please excuse my ignorance; I just want to get clarification on all the AF modes and settings so I can master them all. 


ll the questions are about still/photography mode only.


  1. With Face+Tracking+Eye-Detect enabled, and being in Servo mode, and with the setting “Initial Servo AF pt for Face+Tracking” in the AF Tab (magenta) Page 5 set to “AUTO” — which I see most people in — the white box automatically goes to the eyes, with the two arrows on both sides so that we can use the joystick to switch eyes with the joystick. Once we press to focus (I use back-button focusing [BB-focus]) the white box turns BLUE when in focus and it will follow the eye/head and sometimes body from afar brilliantly. So, this I get, and it’s wonderful. Now, if I press the joystick IN when I don’t have BB-focus pressed (or just flick the joystick left and right to switch eyes), the box turns into an almost a double-edged box, which I’m assuming means “tracking,” but I don’t understand why; what’s the difference? And then if I press the joystick IN again, the double-box goes back to a single box; what does that mean? And if I try to move the boxes with my joystick … nothing happens. Thus in this mode I see I cannot move the focus-box at all; it automatically goes to the face/eyes, and I seem to only have control of switching eyes or different faces when multiple people are present. Am I correct? 


  1. With Face+Tracking+Eye-Detect enabled, and being in Servo mode, and with the setting “Initial Servo AF pt for Face+Tracking” in the AF Tab (magenta) Page 5 set to “INITIAL SET PT SET FOR…” or “AF PT SET FOR…” Different things happen and I then get confused. Now, in the INITIAL setting, when no BB-focus is pressed, there are no longer any boxes with arrows continuously on the eyes; instead, there is a big White Box on the screen. I can move it around to pick my focus, which is cool. I have been practicing with the box right in the center and leaving it there; I then just move the camera to get whomever or whatever I want to be tracked into that center square, then I press BB-focus. From then on it follows, but if it’s not an eye or face it eventually gets confused and seems to snap to an eye if not initially on an eye. Thus, not sure what the point of this setting is since the camera will be searching for faces and eyes no matter what. I guess it can be useful if there are multiple people in the shot and I’d like to choose which to start with? But then in this setting I lose the eye-switching functionality. Am I correct in all this? Any suggestions? 


  1. What if I want to track an inanimate object? If I have a scene where I’d like to track, let’s say, a model train, and I’d like it to track the first car as it goes around the track while I take pictures, always keeping that first car in focus. What settings do I use? I don’t think I would be in Face+Tracking+Eye-Detect mode, right? If not, what mode and setup? And how do I choose that first car to track and stick on it? 


  1. I believe there’s a feature where one can touch on the screen to lock on a subject. Is that true? If so, where and how? I’ve read the manual but I’m still confused. And if this feature exists, can it be used within the EVF as opposed to the back screen? If so, how? (And I’m not referring to Touch Shutter.) I mean, with my eye viewing through the EVF, can I choose a point to track and have it stick? 


I know these are a lot of questions, and maybe some are somewhat ignorant or unclear. So…


Thanks in advance. Smiley Happy 

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