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EOS RP Cutting HDMI Feed After 30 Min

Hello all, I've searched the web high and low and I can't figure out why my EOS RP is cutting the HDMI feed after 30 minutes. Yes, I am streaming to a capture card with it, and I realize you can try out the "webcam" utlitiy, but streaming from this camera was possible before that, so I know it can be done. The webcam utility is kinda limited right now. As far as I can tell, it is going into a sleep or idle mode, it isn't cutting all power. Facts about my setup are below:


Firmware - 1.4

Eco Mode - Off

Display Shuttoff - 30 min (max setting)

Auto Power Off - Disabled

Connection - Mini HDMI to Capture Card

Dummy Battery? - Yes


To me, it seems like this all centers around the display shutting off. I'm experiencing the hdmi feed cut at 30 minutes which is the max setting for the display shutoff. For some reason, this is also killing my hdmi feed. 


Things I haven't tried:

-Simultaneously plugging in USB C to see if that keeps it "awake"

-Turning on AF in hopes the constant change in focus keeps the camera "awake"

-Running EOS Utility in background on computer

-Keeping screen closed during streaming so its already "off"

-Turning off the setting for Auto where it selects where to send the video (screen or viewfinder). Not sure the name of this setting off the top of my head. 


Is there anyone out there who successfully streams from an EOS RP that could screenshot me some of their settings, maybe even the more obscure ones, so I could compare? I've gotta be missing something. 

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