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imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 Ink Being Used Up Too Fast


I am a photographer from Montenegro.

I have a printer Canon PRO4000 and I have had a problem with it for the

 past couple of months. We are a small country and we do not have any

 kind of service support here and because of the global pandemic it is

 impossible for a foreign service to come and help me fix it. The

 problem with the printer is the ink keeps running out really fast and

 the printer is showing that the cartridge is empty. I already replaced

 2 that I had I opened the back of the machine and found the ink in a

 subtank which is underneath the cartridge. It is an MBK on the left

 and a PC on the right side, I cleaned all the parts and replaced the

 ink but the same thing happened again. Does anyone know what could be the

 problem because all the parts seem to be okay?

If anyone has a similar experience or know anything about this, I would be very

 grateful for yours help!


 Thank you in advance,


 Dejan Kalezić

Who Me Too'd this topic