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Vixia HF G50


Hi All,


I'm using the Vixia HF G50 as a live streaming camera at my church and using a Magewell USB Capture device so my Mac thinks its a webcam. We are using a Berhringer X Air as the sound board and running the headphone out on the board to the mic in on the camcorder and then running HDMI to the Magewell into the USB on the Mac. The problem is we have TONS of audio interference (can still hear the speaker) and I can't figure out why... Any ideas? I've checked the cables and they seem to be good. I don't think I have any power cables too close to the HDMI cable or mic input.


On a side note GarageBand is coming through the same source until it splits off and converts to a usb with no interference.

Who Me Too'd this topic