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Pixma TR8520 Error Code 6004




I purchased my Pixma TR8520 in November, 2018.  Its been barely used, just every so often.  I tried to print something recently and in the middle of the print job it gave me an error code of 6004.


I followed the on-screen and manual instructions (turning off/on, unplugging, checking ink cartridges, checking for paper inside all the paper feed areas to include front, back, underside, checking the connection from the computer, etc.).


After the first couple of times the code came up, after doing all this it would feed a blank piece of paper through automatically and say it was ready but then when I tried to actually print, it would give the code again.  Eventually, it stopped even clearing and feeding the blank paper, now it boots right up to the error code when turned on.


Does anyone have any suggestions on fixing this?


Thanks in advance.

Who Me Too'd this topic