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Canon Quick Menu Won't Start


I have an MG7720 printer/scanner.

When I reinstalled the drivers for it, the Quick Menu stopped working.

There is no error message or notification that appears, it just won't start.  It does not load at start up either, even though its in the startup list.

There does not appear to be a Twain driver conflict as the only thing in Windows/twain_32/ is wiatwain.ds and the SG20 folder the Canon drivers installed.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the full driver package >10 times with the same result.  Everthing works except the Qucik Menu.  If I use the IJ Scan Utility, the scanner works fine.

There is some conflict with the Quick Menu utility.  Does anyone have insight into what the Quick Menu is doing when it starts, and how I might debug this.


Who Me Too'd this topic