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EOS 5D MarkIV won't connect to laptop via USB port


My laptop won't fully recognize my camera when I plug into the USB port.  The laptop will chime as if a connection has been made but then nothing happens, I can't find my camera in file explorer or when I open the Canon 3 Utility.  The USB transfer cord that came with the camera works because I can connect the camera to my PC.  The USB port on the laptop works because I successfully pulled images off a jump drive.   


I have downloaded the newest EOS Utility and disabled the wifi and power off functions on my camera in attempts to get the laptop to recognize the camera.


I have read various forums but can't find the answer specific to my issue.  I have asked this question of the Microscoft Community and downloaded and revised all the drivers to no avail. The last communication from Microsoft was to reach out to Canon, maybe for a driver?


Please help!  I am so frustrated because I bought this laptop specifically for my camera and photography work.



Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 (arrived two weeks ago- brand new) / AMD Ryzen 5 processor / Windows 10 Home edition

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (arrived two months ago - new)

Who Me Too'd this topic